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Vario Jet Ranger
The fuselage is 1700mm long with a rotor diameter of 1810mm it weighs over 8 kg in its unfinished state.
It is powered by a 2.5 kilowatt Plettenberg motor, running on 44v DC. Four 5000mha 11.1v LiPo's are used in series, with a 100 amp ESC in conjunction with a 60v 120 amp Emcotec safety switch. Four Thunder Tiger DS1015 servos are used on the cyclic and a DS0606 servo with a Futaba 401 gyro to control the tail. The servos are powered by a 7.4v 4000mha LiPo running through an Emcotec 6v regulator. The model uses 1200 watts just to hover and will fly for about eight minutes.

The Vario Schweizer 300 was bought second-hand. As you can see from the photos it came with a three bladed head and no electronic stabilization. I flew it a few times but could not get used to the different way the three bladed head preformed. So the model was converted back to a two bladed head with a conventional flybar. It now feels easy and comfortable to fly.

The fuselage is 1500mm long with a rotor diameter of 1600mm, it weighs 9.6kg with a tank of fuel. Power comes from a 23cc Zenoah engine. Three JR DS 8321 servos are used for the cyclic, a JR NES 591 on the throttle, and a Multiplex Tiger HV DIGI4 speed servo with a CSM SL 560 gyro to control the tail. The AR 7000 receiver is powered by a 4000mah 6v Eneloop pack. This model will easily fly for 20 minutes on a tank of unleaded 40:1 petrol mix.

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