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Twin Star2

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Multiplex TwinStarII is a intermediate electric powered aeroplane with twin engines capable of aerobatics.
You will need radio gear, speed controller, four mini servos, foam safe super glue and two servo lead extensions for the aileron servos

I built the model after the Easter break (06) after purchasing it from my local model shop. Cubitts Models.(they have now closed down)

It took a few hours per day over three days to build, I used four Hitec HS85BB servos, which give a nice fit, to balance the model the Li-Po battery goes in the nose and the receiver fits under the removable wing.
This is reasonably easy to fly for a plane with ailerons, I use it in a field opposite my house and it's so easy to charge the batteries, hop over the stile and enjoy flying for 6 - 10 minutes without anyone complaining about a noisy IC engine.

The flight times are between 6-10mins depending on how much you use full power and the type (capacity) of batteries you use. My flight times are 6mins for 1000mah used, 8mins 1300mah & 10mins 1600mah

I only fly this model on my Li-Po battery. Using a Pixie 20p programmable Li-Po compatible speed controller and a 2 Cell battery, mine is 2000Mah 7.4v 15C 120g
Given that a 400 motor takes about 6 to 8A when running flat out total current around 12 to 16A. My Li-Po battery is rated at 15C = 30A so it will not overload the battery and the speed controller is rated at 20A, I have attached mine to a small heatsink but it does not get warm, the model is designed to give some air flow through the radio compartment to keep things cool but there is no need, nether the battery or speed control get more than warm.

Maiden flights went OK 23/4/06

I bought this model to give me some experience of flying a model with ailerons

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