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Sky Surfer

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G-con Sky Surfer is an electric powered parawing.
Mine has been lightened by the removal of the wheels, rear axle and plastic pilot. The flight times are between 5-10mins depending on how much you use full power and the type (capacity) of batteries you use. I can use either of my two nicad packs (6 cells AA size 600mAh or 800mAh) or my two NiMH packs (7 cells AA size 1500mAh) these weigh the same as the 6 cell Nicad packs but have a greater voltage and double the capacity.

Spares can be purchased from Ripmax. The parawing is expensive so try not to rip it - about half the price of the kit. I had to replace mine because I left it in a sunny conservatory and the plastic went brittle and it tore very easily. Also had to replace the motor, on a heavy landing a motor brush snapped off.

Make sure you read the manual and learn the spiral dive manoeuvre so that you can lose high easily - I almost lost mine because I was using it when it was too windy (>5mph), it finally came down three fields away, it acts like a kite in strong winds.

This is great fun and very easy to fly, I use it in a field opposite my house and it's so easy to charge the batteries, hop over the stile and enjoy flying for 30 minutes without anyone complaining about a noisy IC engine.

I am now considering how to convert this model to work with Li-Po batteries.

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