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Sherman 105mm

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Visit the Tamiya web site for the kit details

It takes ages to make the tracks up, each link comprises of five bits that have to be assembled. Every part is metal.

Close up of a link in the track

Gearbox assembled and fitted, the chassis will still have to be dismantled so that I can spray it.

Close up of the driving sprocket

Close up of a bogie

Close up of a rear idle wheel

Started building the turret

The above pictures are of the Turret Rotation Unit which was sold as an upgrade for this kit, you can see how it fits in the pictures. I intend to convert the control unit from being servo operated to some form of electronic control (a bit like a speed controller) that will make the turret operate more like a servo, with auto centering at switch on, no 360 degree rotation, but retain the ability to hold the turret rotated at any position without having to hold the transmitter stick off centre.

Tamiya's potted history of the Sherman Tank
and also their very good CD-Rom

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