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I purchased my Panther second hand and it needs a bit of restoration work done, see below. All these pictures are of my version. Panther is 22 inches long (excluding gun barrel) and 12 inches wide, purchased in 2008

The original description of the Panther is shown below

Large scale 10th radio control kit for the PZKW-V Panther AUSF G german is approximately 25 years old and was originally from the Sun Lane Engineering Co.
Plywood hull and frame (ready made up) with vac-formed body and turret, the kit is approx. 60% made. Designed for 2 (decaperm) electric motors and 2-4 channel radio, the kit has movable turret, gun, working suspension and fully articulated tracks.
Now for the bad news, the kit has been stored in a shed for some years. The wood has at some point got damp, but is NOT rotten, just needs cleaning up and sealing. The track is assembled, but the metal nuts have gone rusty ( see pics), as these are screwed on to plastic, there is no problem in replacing them.
The kit is in its original bottom half of box, with instructions and full size plans. The original decal are also in there, but have faded somewhat.
There are no electrics or radio equipment included.

Extensive restoration work was needed, the chassis had warped and the wood was quite thin, so a complete new chassis has been fabricated. If you compair my chassis with the one in the link below you can see the improvement in structural strength and layout etc.
Two motor have been installed with their gearboxes, these drive the front sprockets by gears rather than by rubber belts that the original used. I have fitted two Hectoperm 6v motors connected to maxi-pile planatary gear units

The turrent rotation gearbox is a Tamiya manufactured item, from their original Sherman tank and is a quality unit.
The new gun barrel has been machined up and looks very good (pictures taken before it was ready)
The final things left to do is install a servo to raise and lower the gun barrel, fit the speed controllers, one for turret rotation and a dual speed unit for the main drive motors. Also the vac formed hull and turret need final finishing,detailing and painting.

Ground clearance is 20mm

Each pair of wheels is spring loaded and can pivot around a central point, this gives quite good suspension.

Close up of the suspension spring and central mounting point.

Track details from the underside. The tracks appear to be all plastic with metal nuts

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