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This is the 1/6 scale 'Dragon in Dreams' model of the German Nebelwerfer.
It's an all metal scale model of the 15cm Nebelwerfer, pre-painted in a number of colour schemes, I chose the 3 colour scheme to match my Kettenkrad which I intend to use to tow it.
My objective is to make it launch small rockets via remote control, see the progress of this project below.

First put the model together, you will notice that the trailer is not fixed to the launcher, carryout the modification shown. I used a large washer, drilled two small holes in it and got 2 longer M2 screws to hold it on, once screwed together it will hold the launcher firmly against the trailer base.

Next clean the paint out from the wheel center

To finish the wheels off, remove some paint from the bearing surface, your wheel should spin freely now. I also fitted a washer to help keep the wheel upright (stop it wobbling)

To make the tow eye fit the tow hook on the Kettenkrad trailer drill it out to 4.5mm.
Also notice the clip holding the arms of the trailer together which is easy to remove when you want to set it up for firing

To see the model rocket development, click here

To see real Nebelwerfers in action, click here

Purchased from Modellers Loft

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