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Multi Terrain

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Action Man Multi-Terrain Vehicle
Conversion to radio control

This project has been in the planning stages for a long time, initialy I considered using monster truck axels and power train to get 6 wheel drive but that was too complicated.

Recently I spotted a Wild Thumper 6 wheel robot chassis on Hobbyking and decided I would try it becuase each wheel has it's own motor no drive train would be needed.

I also wanted to make the front section turn left and right not just use skid steer to I also got a 9kg pull metal geared servo.

More build details coming soon.
This is how I converted the front
Rear conversion (not finished yet)
Wild Thumper description from Hobbyking website, they no longer sell it but still do

The Wild Thumper is a monster of a truck body. The 6WD means it can go just about anywhere due to the multiple chassis, suspension systems and the six massive truck type wheels/tires to get you over all obstacles. It can be operated using the Arduino system or by R/C and is very maneuverable.
It features an aluminum chassis which has been pre-drilled giving you infinite mounting points for fitment of a multitude of sensors or accessories. It has six 34:1 geared motors with metal output shafts and each motor has individual suspension for maximum traction. When powered at 7.2V, the chassis can reach a top speed of approximately 12 km/h and each motor has a stall torque of roughly 11 kg-cm (150 oz-in).
• Monster truck type wheels w/rubber tires
• 34:1 gear ratio for maximum torque
• Robust aluminum chassis
• All hardware and tools included
Size: 430 x 300 x 140mm
Weight: 2805g
Drive Type: Monster Truck Type Wheels (6WD)
Wheel Diameter: 120mm
Gear Ratio: 34:1
Motors: 6 x DC Motor (Metal Output Shaft)
Multi Terrain wheel
I had 8 Tamiya Lunch Box Monster Truck wheels and tyres, the yellow ones, which I was going to use for this build but found that the tyres were an exact replacement for the ones on the Wild Thumper, so I swapped them and sprayed the wheels black. The tyres may need gluing to the wheels but I want to test it running before I do that.
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