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M8 Greyhound

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Hasbro M8 Armored Car

Purchased in 2011

This has taken me a long time to convert because my wife died of cancer during it's construction, although she encouraged me to continue with it whilst she was in hospital and even helped make the tyres with me I had very little time to spare for my hobbies, as is traditional some crews named their M8s, so I have done the same and you can see Diane on the sides.

There are a couple of pictures of the M8 when it arrived here and two vidoes of the finished vehicle running

Conversion steps -

There is a reference book published by Osprey Books - M8 Greyhound New Vanguard series by Steven J Zaloga, ISBN 978-1-84176-468-9

Other sources of information:

War Wheels


Prime Portal Greyhound walk around


Found this picture of another 1/6 scale M8 on Google images

Some pictures of real M8s

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