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M3 Halftrack

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Hasbro M3 Halftrack

Purchased April 2010 from USA

Ideal conversion to Radio Control, see the two YouTube videos below.

I think the steering servo should be easily done but getting the tracks sorted will be a much more involved job.

Original Ebay description
M3 half track very good condition! Is also very clean has not been out in the dirt and mud.32inch long 10.5 wide, large vehicle. Green and brown camoflage. Large cannon on top that spins, raises up, and down and recoiles when pretending to fire. Also on the rear of cannon door opens were you place the 2.5" shells that slide in and out of cannon and cannon door will open and close with shell in cannon. Also I have 4 cannon shells with it and a gas tank that attaches to the side.Cannon shells have a place under the cannon were you store the shells. Front windsheld lays down on the hood and rear entry door opens and closes. Front wheels turn left to right. Front bumper is a large roller. ALL knobs on cannon spine very well as does the steering wheel but steering wheel does not operate the front wheels. Tracks and front wheels all work very good.Will cost to ship because of weight.no returns Cost £202.46 inc postage, insurance etc

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