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Started in the summer of '06. The objective is to build from plans a 54" lysander and convert from IC to electric as part of the building process. The motor selected is a Multiplex Himax C 3528-0800, which needs a 45A controller and gives 800rpm per volt. The speed controller is a Castle Creations Phoenix-45 which will give me BEC for receiver/servo power.

The battery selection is going to be two 7.4v 2000mAh giving 7.4v at 4000mAh from their specification page shows that these two batteries should weigh 216g + 200g for the motor + 35g controller + radio gear ??? + prop 50g + airframe ????
At 7.4v the prop should be spinning at 5920 rpm

Some more pictures of the on-going build are here.

I decided that to reduce the build time I would get the wings made for me out of foam & veneer, so I sent a copy of the plan off to Barry of Foamwings and he made them up. All I have to do is make the wing tips, mount the aileron servos, hinge the ailerons and cover them.

The prop is a Ramoser VarioProp, a 3 bladed unit 11.9" dia giving a scale size prop for the model. It uses an 8C hub with 3 SG blades, by varying the pitch I should be able to tune the motor/prop combination to give me the desired performance, if performance is too low I can go to an 11.1v 4000mAh battery.

The top picture of a completed Lysander is not my model but one I found on Ebay, I am hopefull that mine will look this good.

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