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LRDG Jeep Wheels

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Remove the lugs in the centre of the wheel boss.
I purchased 4 washers 45mm diameter,
3mm thick aluminium with a 5mm hole from -

File a notch out of the edge to fit the lug in the wheel
Grind a slot across the central hole to suit the hex nut locking rods on the buggies axels
This is what it looks like when put together
I wanted to make the wheel centres more detailed by adding the 5 wheel nuts, this also bolts the sections together.
Take a 1 Euro coin and mark it out as shown, drill small holes to fit your bolts throught the coin.
Remove the lug in the centre of the wheel boss
Now the coin will fit snugly into the centre of the wheel,
drill one hole through the coin, wheel and washer behind it.
Put one bolt in place to hold the assembly together while you drill the other four holes
Reverse the bolts so that the nuts can be seen and cut off where they are too long
Spray/paint the wheels, the paint should act as simple lock tight stopping the nuts coming undone
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