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Landing Craft Mechanised 3
in 1/16 scale made by Torro

with operating loading ramp, diesel engine sound,
dual independent motor control & dual rudders.

Fiberglass hull, pre-painted and comes with some detailing.

Purchased in summer 2021 for £600
Extra mooring ropes added by me,
tyres & barrels come with it.
Figures were 3D printed by me and then painted
Ramp is controlled by a sail winch servo,
which comes pre-installed and setup.
I have fitted a MD22 dual motor speed controller,
the BEC is underneath it with replacement on/off switch.

Battery tray also 3D printed by me and fitted.

Receiver, servo tape'ed to side of sail winch mount.

Runs on 7.2v battery.
This landing craft had twin diesel engines,
so I fitted a sound generator from,

As I have independent control over each motor it would have made sense to fit two,
but there is not enough space to fit two speakers.
The sail winch servo and it's string restrict placement,

I eventually decided to fit the 8ohm speaker and enclosure underneath the lid.

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