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Sd.Kfz 2 Kettenkrad

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Kettenkrad Sd.Kfz 2
'Dragon in Dreams'

Updated May 2015

see bottom of page

This is sold as suitable for R/C conversion - don't believe it, this is hard work to convert.
Firstly the model does not dismantle, it's all glued together, so you can't get to the areas you want to work on.

To see each of the steps I went through have a look at the pages below:

Problems - Thrown tracks whilst running in bumpy terrain - fixed see track modifications
Thrown tracks whilst turning - motor control to make sure tracks are moving during a turn - completed, see Electronics
Action figure moving head and hands doing the steering - see my head conversion - here

I worked on the trailer first, make sure the wheels will rotate and that they rotate indipendantly of each other, hold one and rotate the other, it should turn freely.

Next file down the top of the toe hook to allow the Nebelwerfer to hook on, as per pictures.

Conversion to a Sd.Kfz 2/1 cable laying Kettenkrad

After purchasing a Dragon kit no. 71255 which has a new trailer and the complete mounting frame with two cable drums and mounting brackets I decided to modify mine to take them. See how my conversion went.

Website containing Sd.Kfz 2/1 details with pictures - here
Have a look at RPMTech's excellent conversion - here
Excellent profile of the Kettenkrad in pdf form - here
Website containing lots of details - here

Update May 2015
Fitted FrSky 2.4Ghz receiver and a Benedini sound unit.

Running with Sound system
Handlebar & Head movement + light
Rear Light
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