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Updated May 2015 - see bottom of page

This is a converted Tamiya 1/25th Scale Motorised Jagdpanzer. This is a discontinued kit (around 15 years old now!). It comes with two 280 motors, metal gear box and torsion bar suspension for the road wheels.

As you can see in the pictures the top of the hull comes off, I have changed the fixing mechanism for the upper hull, initially it hooked under two small plastic prongs on the front of the lower hull and then clipped down at the back, but frequent removal caused the prongs to break off. So I fitted a mounting post just in front of the motors, drilled a hole just below where the gun barrel attaches so that a body clip can be pushed on, around the top of the post.

By keeping the rear hatch free to open I can mount a On/Off switch which is easily accessible, also I intend to mount a charging socket in the same area.

The model initially ran on six Sub C Nicad cells (6v) but this arrangement was quite heavy and I am changing it to use six NiMh pencil cells which have the same capacity but are much lighter and smaller. The pack has extra leads connected to it so that I can take two 3v feeds to the twin electronic speed controllers.

As you can see in this picture the twin speed controllers which are mounted one above the other take up half the space in the chassis, I am currently designing a dual motor control speed controller which will be half the size of these two. The tanks batteries fit in the rear of the tank with the receiver on top of them.

The close up pictures below show a weakness in the original design, where the shafts for the front drive sprockets join the chassis it is very weak and prone to cracking so I have re-enforced the area using epoxy glue.

Update May 2015
I stripped out the old electronics and fitted a Sabertooth 2x5RC dual motor speed controller unit and a FrSky 2.4Ghz receiver. This also allows me to use a 7.4v Li-Po battery which is much lighter than the previous Nicads etc.
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