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Fieseler Storch

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Durafly Balsa Series
Fieseler Fi 156 Storch

Purchased June 2014
for £95 from Hobbyking

I bought the PNP version and added my own batteries and RX+TX.
Using Rhino 2350mAh 3S 20C (205g)
The plane is too heavy with these batteries although it does fly OK so I am going to try the 1300mAh batteries from the Auto-G2, this makes the weight 913g from 990g flying times are about 8 mins on these batteries.

Wheels have been changed for 75mm light foam, Hobby king part number OR006-00112
These will slot straight on, I also changed the tail wheel with one I had lying around.
Test flights went OK but I have already lost the undercarriage spats, see youtube for a sprung undercarriage conversion which I may consider doing.
Current is max 20A full throttle, but it fly's fine at half throttle 10A.

The battery lays flat in the fuselage once I had moved the speed controller, but I decided to install a new bulkhead to hold the speed controller above the battery (that's what the slot in the top of the bulkhead is for) and stop the battery sliding forwards.
This picture is with the cowl removed.

The prong sticking out from the new bulkhead is to tie-wrap the speed controller too.
I have also carried out the sprung undercarriage modification detailed here

The next modification was to drop a size on the prop, now running a wooden 9x6, max current has dropped from 20A to 15A when flatout so flight duration can be a bit longer.

Specification from Hobbyking website:

The Fieseler Fi 156 Storch was one of the most iconic aircraft to serve in the Luftwaffe, seeing service in every German theatre of conflict during WW2. To this day it is still considered to be one of the best STOL (Short takeoff and landing) designs of all time. As a liaison and observation platform it was second to none out performing every allied counterpart with both its rugged construction, reliability and performance. More importantly, it displays excellent slow flying capabilities. Flying with ease over many a battle field for sustained periods of time with its slow flying speed actually being one of its major defensive measures. It simply flew too low and slow for allied pilots to shoot it down! It is for these very reasons that many a renowned allied generals preferred to use captured Storch's for their own personal transportation over areas of conflict. Most noticeably, Field Marshal Montgomery and Air Vice Marshal Harry Broadhurst both used Storch's in the North African and Western Europe theaters of war.

The Balsa Series Fieseler Storch 15e from Durafly® ™ is a beautiful scale model, but what really makes it stand out is its quality. The built-up construction, the glass fibre cowl, the finish, the pre-installed electronics, its scale outline and high level of prefabrication all come together to form one brilliant model. The balsa and lite ply construction is both light weight yet incredibly strong, lending itself completely to the scale outline of the model. The control surfaces are pre-hinged, coming with pre-installed glass fibre control horns. The undercarriage is a two-piece unit out of the box, requiring only minimal effort (and glue) for installation. The wing utilizes a very simple but secure latching mechanism, this allows the Storch to break down easily for transportation and maintenance. Simply slide the wing halves over the carbon spar, click the wings securely into place and once you've screwed down the wing struts, you're virtually ready to go. All that remains is to install those small scale details that really finish off the Balsa Series Storch such as the landing gear covers, supports, tail braces and the navigator's machine gun.

Of course the high level of quality doesn't stop with the model alone. Our Fi-156 uses some of our most popular and reliable components, all of which are supplied installed in the model right out of the box. The control surfaces use the hugely popular HXT 900 9g servos (two on the ailerons and flaps, one each on the rudder and elevator). A Turnigy 25amp ESC is pre-installed in the fuselage controlling the powerful and much loved NTM 35mm brushless outrunner. This swings a high efficiency 10" prop (also included). The power system is designed around the use of the ever popular 2200mah 3S lipoly battery, installation and access to which couldn't be easier thanks to the magnetically held front and rear canopy hatches. In little more time than it takes to assemble your average foam park flyer, you'll have this very striking balsa PNF Storch ready for flight, looking every bit like its full sized counterpart.

On the ground there's no denying that the Durafly® ™ Fi-156 Storch looks the part, but in the air she really comes into her own. The Storch certainly has all the power you could want on 3S and is more than capable of performing basic aerobatic maneuvers. The light weight structure coupled with the leading edge slats and use of flaps really brings the Storch to life in slow speed flight, with scale like short take offs and landings well within the scope of this beautiful model. The Balsa Series Storch really is a fantastic model for those looking for scale looks and performance out of the box.

• Scale looks and flying characteristics
• Beautifully crafted, high quality airframe and covering
• Powerful & efficient pre-installed NTM 35mm brushless outrunner motor
• Large Diameter 10" Prop for High Efficiency
• Reliable and trusted HXT900 servo's Pre-Installed
• Balsa Quality Combined with Foamy Convenience
• Plug and Fly, simply add your own radio system and batteries
• Tough Undercarriage and Steerable Tail Wheel for excellent Ground Handling
• Top Quality Hardware Included
• Simple & Fast Build

Wingspan: 1154mm
Length: 835mm
Flying Weight: 865g~880g
Wing Area: 17.3dm2
Motor: 3530 NTM Brushless Outrunner 1100kv
Prop: 10x6
Servos: HXT900 9g x 6 [SG51R]
ESC: 25A Turnigy w/BEC

Your Own 5~6 Channel Transmitter and Receiver
1300-2200mAh 3s Lipoly Battery

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