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Multiplex EasyStar is a beginners electric powered aeroplane with a pusher propeller arrangement.
I have modified mine by fitting the motor in to a paper tube and then super gluing the tube in to the fuselage rather than just gluing the motor in, this is so I can change it at a later date..

Also the rudder was a bit on the small side so I enlarged it by about  1/ 3 by cutting the hinge line from the top of the rudder all the way down.
I built the model over the Xmas break (04/05) after purchasing it from my local model shop.
These picture were taken before it's initial test flight.
This is very easy to fly, I use it in a field opposite my house and it's so easy to charge the batteries, hop over the stile and enjoy flying for 10 minutes without anyone complaining about a noisy IC engine.

The flight times are between 6-10mins depending on how much you use full power and the type (capacity) of batteries you use. I can use either of my two NiMH packs (7 cells AA size 1500mAh, weight = 190g).

I am now considering how to convert this model to work with Li-Po batteries. It will need a Li-Po compatible speed controller and a 2 Cell battery, say 2000Mah 7.4v 15C
The motor takes about 6 to 8A when running flat out. My Li-Po battery is rated at 15C = 30A so it will not overload the battery.
Maiden flights went OK today, with the NiMh battery packs I got about 8mins on full power. 23/3/05

Picture shows the paper tube glued in to the motor pod and the motor is a push fit in to the tube.

Picture shows the modifications to the tail fin, with the whole of the trailing edge hinged to provide better turning. As suggested by my local model shop and it seems to work well - although the bottom where the control horn attaches seems a bit flimsy, I will have to see how long it lasts.

SOLD - I have sold this plane now that I have progressed on to the Twin Star

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