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This is a 1/10th Semi Scale DUKW, from the Deans Marine Kit made by Ian Bilboe.

To find this kit go to their online shop and do a Quick Find for DUKW

The DUKW works very well, transitioning from land to water is very smooth (provided your not going too fast) it looks good in the water and it steers OK on both land and water.
The DUKW has enough power to climb the slipway with ease although it does start to bounce if I go too fast over bumps (above scale speed).

Link to a full size DUKW restoration project, with some pictures and technical spec.

Video of my DUKW in action.

Still shots of my DUKW in action

The model runs on two 12v SLA batteries powering two motors, one for the prop shaft and the other powers the wheels, 6 wheel drive, two speed controllers.

Approximate dimensions
Length 970mm
Width 250mm
Height 280mm
Weight 9.6kg

It's best to transport the DUKW on a stand - like you would a boat, you can just see the end of the stand in the picture at the top of the page.

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