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Bilge Pump


Bilge Pump Controller

The idea of this unit is to switch an old car washer pump motor on when water is detected within the model boat, the washer pump then runs for 20 seconds, pumping the water out, if no water is detected on the probe it switches the pump off, or else keeps it running.

The unit requires a +ve supply voltage of around 12v, the 2 probe pins are connected beween 5v and the input pin on the PIC, when water bridges the two probe pins it pulls the input pin high (>3v) and triggers the pump and timing cycle. It's best to use a pair of gold plated PCB header pins as the probe (split them apart) on a short length of shielded cable.
Note the middle pin of the BUZ10 is not connected to the circuit board - it's directly wired to the pump.

Parts List:

PIC 16F628

C1 x 3



4.7Mohm Resistor




78L05 voltage regulator 5v 100mA

If you wish to purchase pre-programmed PIC's then get in touch, see email address on 'For Sale' pages.

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