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Benedini Mixer

I have just purchased a Benedini TBS Mini sound unit which I intend to use in one of my Stuart tanks, this sound unit when in 'Autostart' mode only has one input from the receiver to determine the engine speed/sound, my tank is using two speed controllers and I need to mix the two channels together so that the sound unit always receives the largest signal (hence the higher speed/louder sound) in both forward and reverse directions from either channel.
Components -        PIC 12F683
                   0.1uF Capacitor
                              8 pin DIL socket
                              small piece of veroboard
3 servo extension leads
DIL header strip (6 pins)

This is a very simple design and easy to make on a small piece of stripboard using only 6 strips and requires only 3 strips cut, shown by red crosses. Diagram viewed from component side e.g. above PIC
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