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Autogyro v2

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Durafly Auto-G2 Gryocopter

Purchased Jan 2014
for £55 from Hobbyking

I bought the PNP version
and added my own
batteries and RX+TX.
Using NanoTech 1300mAh
flying times are about 5mins on these batteries.

Flying Experience:
Being able to spin the rotor head up to launch is a really good idea and works well, allowing hand launches and short take offs without any problems. The big issue we both found flying this plane is how easily you lose orientation and then because it responds so sluggishly to aileron inputs you tend to over correct and then by the time you realise what direction it’s going in – it’s too late and a crash results. The model is quite small and difficult to orientate even at short distances.

As you can predict I have had a number of flights with this but one too many crashes and it has now been stripped for parts. I also found the servo’s to be quite cheap and they would easily strip a gear.

Specification from Hobbyking website: A new take on one of Durafly's® ™ most beloved models!
The Durafly® ™ Auto-G took the R/C world by storm, being the first and only "Plug and Fly" R/C autogyro in the history of the hobby. With the new Auto-G2, Durafly® ™ has raised the bar yet again by building on the unique flying experience that the original Auto-G brought to the world, with innovations that make the best, better.
The main feature of the Auto-G2 setting it apart from the original is the all new Auto-Start system. This device spins up the rotor head automatically with the flip of a switch on your transmitter. This eliminates the unwanted torque effect that is created when an ordinary autogyro's unpowered rotor head gets up to speed during take-off. The Auto-Start system makes ROG take-offs and hand launches easier than ever before! We've also added a steerable, shock-absorbing tail wheel to improve ground handling, as well as an all new color scheme offering better visual orientation in flight.
The pre-installed Auto-Start system is very easy to use. It gets its power from your battery's balance plug and is operated by a spare channel on your transmitter. Simply flip a switch to turn the system on/off. It's connected to the main rotor head by a flex shaft and one-way bearing system allowing the rotor head to spin freely when the power is switched off. This Auto-Start system is ideal for use with ROG take-offs, hand launches and can even be engaged during flight to assist with pin-point landings.
For those of you looking for a new flying experience, the Auto-G2 is just the ticket. This model will be especially appealing to those who fly both helicopters and fixed wing aircraft, as this model falls somewhere in between. With its very unique flight characteristics, the Auto-G2 is by far one of the most interesting models we have ever flown. In addition to its super slow flight and auto-rotation capability, it can even perform aerobatics such as stall turns and loops!
The Auto-G2 fuselage and tail are constructed from ultra durable EPO foam, while the tail boom is made from lightweight carbon fiber. This model is super easy to assemble with its pre-installed electronics, bolt on horizontal stab, pre-fitted servo linkages and push-in landing gear. The only part on this model that requires gluing is the vertical stabilizer. This means you can have your Auto-G2 in the air in as little as 15 minutes!
• All new Auto-Start System
• Tough EPO Construction
• Fast and Easy Assembly
• Strong, Impact Resistant Rotor Blades
• Steerable Tailwheel
• Power System and Servos Pre-Installed
• Simple, Low Parts Count Design
• Unique Flying Experience

Rotor Diameter: 821mm
Length: 795mm
Height: 392mm
Weight: 680g
ESC: 20A
Servo: 9g x 4
Motor: 800KV brushless outrunner

All hardware

Your own 5CH (or more) transmitter and receiver
1300mAh 3S lipoly battery

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