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Have a look at the original coversion here.
I had decided that the boat was too slow and had been looking for a more powerfull outboard, Hobbyking now sell this brushless one (2013-2014)
The sprint F3 Tunnel Hull Outboard Motor Set is powered by a 3000kv high-torque brushless outrunner motor connected to a direct drive flexi shaft. The outboard setup is supplied as a complete unit which simply bolts on to the hull allowing for quick assembly/disassembly.
Motor: 3000kv brushless outrunner
Voltage: 3s 11.1v
Recommended ESC: 60-90A watercooled

Initialy the power rating that Hobbyking were recommending was much lower so I tried a 45A forward/reverse buggy speed controller with a 2350mAh 20C battery, which should have been good for 45A BUT it puffed the battery. Now they recommend 60-90A.
Performance is great with this outboard, it will jump clean out of the water when running through it's own wake but I have two problems, one is to get the power requirements sorted and to stop so much water entering the open cockpit.

The tube on top is for lubrication and the one pointing towards you is the water cooling outlet.

April 2015 - Given up on this conversion, I could not stop water entering the hull and although using a bilge pump worked getting so much water in the hull was too big a risk to the electronics and possibly sinking.

I have removed the radio gear and put it in the Blade Runner which is trialling a brushless setup. 

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