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3 Pos Switch


Three Position Switcher

The idea of this unit is to use a spare channel on my transmitter to switch functions on & off. I will be using channel 3 which is a vertical stick movement on the transmitter. This required specific detection of the location of the transmitter stick and code written to stop false triggering and detect the movement of the stick from the center position to either extream of movement. To prevent glitches triggering the outputs it detects that the stick moves from the centre point to the extream (in one direction) before it will switch the output, if you move the stick too fast it will ignore the movement and assume it was a glitch.

The unit has three outputs -
Neutral - on when stick is at neutral position, off when stick moves up or down.
Up - toggled output when the stick is moved to the full up position, the output will come on and you have to return the stick to neutral and then back up before the output will go off.
Down - is the same as Up but for the stick movement in the opposite direction.
In the picture above I have not fitted the neutral mosfet or terminal block, it would go in the top left of the circuit board, as shown below. The MOSFET is rated at 23Amps with heatsinks (0.07ohms resistance) but I would suggest 2 to 4 Amps is possible without fitting a heatsink.

Parts List:


D1 x 3


R1 x 3

390 ohm Resistor

G (gate of MOSFET) x 3






PCB Terminal Block x 3

0.2 inch spacing screw terminals

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